Areas of Success

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality service to those individuals we serve. There are five key areas to remember about The Center for Life Enrichment.

1. Competitive Employment:

Individuals who hold a job in the community are provided onsite and offsite job coaching. We also offer classes to assist individuals in reading, speech development, and math.

2. Work Opportunities:

Individuals will be able to explore a large variety of paid work opportunities. Currently we have several different enclaves to choose from.

3. Socialization:

The Center provides an opportunity for individuals to enhance their social skills. Individuals are provided with recreational activities outside the facility. Individuals participate in trips to museums, picnics, and enjoy various other community based activities. Individuals may also participate in the PALS program for socialization opportunities. The PALS program offers recreational activities inside and outside the Center in the late afternoon and evening. The program operates Monday through Friday and occasionally on the weekend.

4. Flexibility:

We provide flexible schedules to meet the ever changing needs of the individuals we serve. Our unique system has provided the necessary supports to individuals undergoing employment changes, or requiring additional services such as PT, OT, speech and individual counseling.

5. Transportation:

Transportation is tailored to meet individual needs. We provide transportation to and from all work sites. Transportation assistance is also offered for medical appointments, special meetings, and special needs as they arise.