Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program is designed to provide an employment support system with the primary goal of individual placement in the community. The Center for Life Enrichment offers vocational training and support while focusing on each individual’s specific employable skills, ability level, interests, and aptitude.

Jobs in the Competitive Market:

The Center presently assists individuals with jobs in the community. Positions held include food service, custodial, housekeeping, data entry, laundry, and shelf stocking.

Utilizing our extensive database, individuals are assisted with locating and obtaining desired positions. The Center for Life Enrichment then provides one-on-one training with a Community Employment Specialist (CES). Job coaching begins intensively and fades as the individual becomes independent. This training is goal orientated and may also include participation in enclaves to obtain vocational and social skills.

Individuals who are prepared to begin competitive employment in the community, receive the following services:

Job Placement:

Individual abilities and skill levels are assessed, and the Job Seeker is matched with an employer.

 Job Coaching:

A Community Employment Specialist (CES) works on-site with the individual to train and problem solve. Community Employment Specialists lend their support until the trainee is able to work independently.

 Job Retention:

The Supported Employment Department works with the individual to promote continuing employment and to assist with setting and achieving new goals. Individuals supported by the center are offered classes to improve skills needed in the workplace. Reading and money skills classes are two of the classes offered at the center.