Originating in Leonardtown, Maryland in 1961, the Center served children with intellectual disabilities in a group daycare program. By 1968, fourteen children were being served and the Center began to serve children with multiple disabilities. The opening of an adult activity center in Leonardtown, which offered pre-vocational activities and recreational opportunities, highlighted the year 1971. Our current facility was completed in 1976 and allowed all programs to be located at one site. Shortly after, public law 94-142 allowed children to attend public school and the Center began serving adults exclusively.

In 1978 the Center was licensed as a sheltered workshop by the U.S. Department of Labor and received state funding to serve 56 individuals. Ten years later there were 80 adults with disabilities involved in day habilitation and vocational programs, plus a thrift store operated as a training facility in Leonardtown, Maryland.

A name change from St. Mary’s County Developmental Center, Inc., to The Center for Life Enrichment, Inc., took place in 1999. This was done to more accurately reflect the evolving nature of services. Today The Center for Life Enrichment, Inc., serves over 200 individuals with disabilities. The Center for Life Enrichment focuses strongly on consumer choice and independence. The center is licensed by the Developmental Disabilities Administration and certified by the Division of Rehabilitative Services.¬†Four thrift stores and a number of work enclaves, highlight our community-orientated programs. The Center for Life Enrichment also has an office located in Prince Frederick Maryland which opened in 2011. The facility provides the same services and supports for those individuals residing in Calvert and Charles County.

A key service which has been provided since our incorporation in 1961 is transportation. Given our rural setting, transportation has become so important in maintaining services throughout both counties. Currently, TCLE has 65 vehicle in use daily and travels approximately a million mile annually.